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Gang Beasts Controls Guide For Xbox, PlayStation, And PC

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to the gang beasts controls on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC? Then you have come to the right place! This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide to the controls of the famous game Gang Beasts on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. We will cover all the essential elements of the game’s controls so you can master the game and have an enjoyable experience. Read on to find out more about gang beasts controls! 

Basic Attacks

Gang Beasts is an arcade fighting game that puts players in a ring and pits them against each other in wacky brawls. The game has a variety of attacks that can be used to take down opponents, from clotheslining to headbutting and even charging. Let’s take a look at the basics of these attacks so you can gain an edge over your opponents.

With these basic attacks mastered, you’ll gain an advantage over your opponents in Gang Beasts! Each platform has its own set of control options as well. On Xbox, the left analog stick moves your character around while X performs a punch attack and Y performs a kick attack.

Meanwhile, on PlayStation, the left analog stick moves your character around, and Square does punch attacks, while Triangle does kick attacks. Finally, on PC, WASD moves your character around with the left mouse button performing punches and the right mouse button performing kicks. Different combinations of these buttons can also be used for more powerful combos.


The most important thing to remember about headbutting is that it will put your character off balance and leave them vulnerable for a few moments after the attack is finished. Be sure to take advantage of the momentary confusion of your enemies and go in for the kill!

On the Xbox controller, you’ll press Y/Triangle for a standard headbutt or press RT+Y/R2+Triangle for a heavy headbutt. In the PlayStation controller, press Square/X for a standard headbutt or press R2+Square/R1+X for a heavy headbutt. On a PC with an Xbox controller, press A/X for a standard headbutt or press RB+A/RT+X for a heavy headbutt. You can also use keyboard commands on PC if you don’t have an Xbox controller: Press C/X/Spacebar for a standard headbutt, or press Left Shift+C/Left Shift+X/Left Shift+Spacebar for a heavy headbutt.


This move is excellent for removing enemies blocking your path or needing to be taken care of quickly. It can also be used in combos to create a more powerful attack than usual. Just make sure not to spin your victim too long, as they may get dizzy and unable to move afterward! To use this move, press the left bumper button on Xbox One or L1 on PS4.

On PC, use the Q key. Once activated, aim at an opponent and use the left joystick to swing your arms in an arc toward them. If it connects with an opponent’s face, you will successfully clothesline them off the stage.


When using a charge attack, your character will run forward and try to hit any enemies in their path. This can be used to push enemies off the level or to send them flying across the stage. You can also combine this with other gang beasts controls, such as grappling or throwing, to make your opponents suffer!

Remember that charging can’t be blocked by holding down buttons; you must use techniques like blocking, evading, and timing your attacks correctly to prevent invasion by a charging opponent. Additionally, when charging, you have much more speed and momentum than usual, so use caution when approaching edges so that you don’t accidentally launch yourself into oblivion.

Remember that you can also change direction when charging, so if you’re quick enough, you can surprise your opponents with unexpected direction changes. Finally, remember that charging is best used against an unsuspecting enemy, so don’t rely too heavily on it for winning fights – you’ll need to get creative with combos if you want to come out on top!


In Gang Beasts, grappling is an effective way to move around and interact with enemies. Regarding the controls, grappling is easy to use on all platforms. On Xbox, press both the X and Y buttons simultaneously. In PlayStation, press both the Square and Triangle buttons simultaneously. On a PC, press both the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously. 

Remember, mastering the gang beasts controls for grappling is essential to become a successful fighter in this game. Practice this technique as much as possible to stay one step ahead of your opponents! The gang beasts controls also include blocking, which is helpful when it comes to fending off multiple opponents at once. On Xbox, press the RB button while standing still. In PlayStation, press the R1 button while standing still. On PC, press the Space Bar while standing still. If done correctly, blocking will cause your character to turn into an impenetrable shield against incoming attacks.

Special Attacks

In Gang Beasts, various special attacks are available for you to use when battling your opponents. These attacks can surprise your opponents or give you a strategic advantage. Here are some of the special attacks you can use: 

Power Slam: The power slam is a decisive move that causes your opponent to fly up in the air and then slam them down on the ground. It’s a great way to get rid of an annoying opponent or to set up a combo attack. To perform the power slam, press and hold the R2 or RT button and then press the Square or X button.

Grab-and-Throw: Grabbing your opponent and throwing them off the stage is a great way to eliminate an annoying enemy. To do this, press and hold the L2 or LT button and then press the Square or X button. 

Knockout Punch: This powerful punch will instantly knock out any opponent it connects with. To perform the knockout punch, press and hold the R2 or RT button and then press the Triangle or Y button.

Headbutt/Ground Pound: This attack can be used as an offensive or defensive move. To perform it, press and hold the L2 or LT button and then press the Triangle or Y button.

These are just a few of the special attacks available in Gang Beasts. Experiment with these moves and find creative ways to use them in combat. Good luck!


The key to success in Gang Beasts is mastering the controls. Knowing the different attack types and the nuances of the buttons can make all the difference in a battle. Utilizing the basic attacks, such as headbutting, clotheslining, charging, grappling, and special moves, you’ll be able to face off against any opponent confidently. With practice and experience, you’ll be able to quickly master the gang beast controls and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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